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I kinda want to see a High School!AU Teen Wolf fic, where Stiles keeps finding GIFs of himself on his Tumblr and is freaking up because they somehow made him Tumblr Famous, and then he finds out that the person making all the GIFs is the super-hot, geeky & socially awkward Hale kid who had just transferred in and who was a major tech-genius, and, when Stiles confronts him, Derek just blushes and just blurts out “Your moles are cute!” and then hides his face in his hands, and Stiles thinks he’s just too fucking adorable and starts making GIFs of him and they have an impromptu GIF-war, and Derek finally just sends Stiles a message on tumblr comprised only of GIF’s of himself that Stiles made, asking for a date, and Stiles replies with GIFs Derek made of him, agreeing and suggesting pizza.

The next GIFs the two send out are made with each other, and their dates, and I want this so fucking bad, someone please draw this or write it or something because unf.

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